Welcome! I am a ceramic artist based in Alfred, NY. 

Everything I make is an experiment. Asking “what if?” drives me and fuels my dreams. 

I’ve been fascinated with ceramics for most of my life. I built my first studio in my parents' back yard when I was 16. The field has been my travel guide across country and some of the world.

After earning an MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, my wife Caitlin and I decided to put down roots. We bought a brick house right on Main Street in Alfred. The 1893 building, Sun Publishing, was named for its original purpose and owners for over a century, and is now our home and studio.

During the last several years I have had the incredible opportunity to work full time developing new glazes for AMACO. This position has set my life up in a way where I have glaze tests in the kiln every single day; sometimes multiple kilns at once.

As I gain deeper knowledge, my studio work evolves. The work feeds my art practice and vice versa in an endless quest for material knowledge and collaboration. Ceramics continues to be my guide.

Thanks for stopping by!